Rachel Christensen

American Regional Cuisine with Jefe Birkner

As a culinary student at the Art Institute of Seattle, I keep a notebook for all my classes. These notebooks have all my notes, papers, and recipes written throughout the course. For my American Regional Cuisine class, I have decided to create this notebook as a website so I can share with others what I'm doing. I'm trying this out and if I like it, and people are interested, I will continue to post my experiences/recipes for other classes as well.

On the left, you will find links to recipes, my two assigned papers, class notes & syllabus. Notes are broken down by region and include links to each recipe used in class for those regions--if you're interested in just the recipes, use the recipe link directly. I have included my personal comments as well as the chef's critique for each dish. Note: When I use the phrase "chef's tip" I'm talking about the instructor Jefe's words, not my own.

I hope this page can be a fun way for my friends to see what I'm doing in culinary school and vicariously learn something about American Regional cooking.